Contact us if you have any questions or need information and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible unless your question is already answered below in the Frequently Asked Questions.


Phone (although email will probably receive a quicker reply!): 07939 068 128.


Q: I can't race any more, can I get a refund?

A: You can register for a refund if you are no longer able to race and once tri entries are full and the waiting list has opened, if we can fill your place we will refund you less £10 to cover costs.  There will be no more refunds after 26th June. The only way to request a refund is to complete this form. If you know someone who can take your place you can login to your EntryCentral account before 26th June and replace your details with theirs. 

Q: When do entries close?/ Can I enter on the day?

A: Triathlon & duathlon entries close at midnight Friday 26th June unless the race is already full. It is not possible to enter after this date including on the day.  You can enter the Kids' Fun Run on the day - print off and complete this form in advance to save time.

Q: Can I defer my entry to 2021? Q: Can my friend race instead of me?/ I know someone who will take my place, can I swap with them?

A: You cannot defer your entry but you can swap your place with someone else before 26th June by logging into your EntryCentral account and replacing your details with theirs. You can also register for a refund if you are no longer able to race and once tri entries are full and the waiting list has opened, if we can fill your place we will refund you less £10 to cover costs.  There will be no more refunds after 26th June. The only way to request a refund is to complete this form

Q: Can I switch from sprint to standard distance tri/ standard distance tri to sprint tri/ triathlon to duathlon?
A: Yes you can -  just  email us before midnight 26th June to let us know. If there is space in your wave you can also switch on the day at registration if numbers allow but we can't guarantee this.

Q: Can I change from individual entry to relay?
A: Yes you can but you will need to email us first so that we can transfer your entry.  You will then need to log onto your EntryCentral account and enter the names, dates of birth and t-shirt sizes of your team members plus whether they are BTF members.  Include a team name too if you want! Additional cost is £15 plus £5 per BTF day membership required (we'll reply to explain how to pay).  You can't switch from individual to relay after Friday 26th June.  

Q: Can I change the names of people in my relay team?

A:  Yes, you can do this before 26th June by logging into your EntryCentral account (don't forget to update all information) or you can change them on the day at registration provided at least 1 person stays the same.  

Q: When the race is full, do you have a waiting list?

A: Yes, if you sign up via EntryCentral you will be added to the waiting list.  You will receive an email from EntryCentral if a place becomes available.  If you don't hear by 26th June I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a place.

Q: Is there a minimum age for the triathlon?

A: Yes, you must be 15 by 31st December 2020 for the Sprint distance and 17 for the Standard distance.  This applies to individual an relay entries.

Q: I haven't received a confirmation email. Have I got a place?
A: You should have received an email from immediately after you entered.  You can also check on the 'Tri Sign-ups' or 'Kids' Fun Run Sign-ups' list .

Q: I can't remember what I entered/ whether I bought party/camping tickets.  How can I check?

A: You need to login to your EntryCentral account.  If you search for your confirmation email from that was sent immediately after you entered this will help you.  If you can't find it you can check your race entry on the 'Tri Sign-ups' or 'Kids' Fun Run Sign-ups' list. 

Q: This is my first triathlon what do I need to know? Should I wear a wetsuit? What happens in transition etc.

A: Click here for lots of helpful tips to help answer these questions and more!  Here too are useful links to the BTF Rules the Drafting Rules Explained and and some Common Rule Infringements that you should make yourself familiar with.

Q: What do I need to bring on the day for the triathlon? 

A: See our 'Race Day Checklist' to help ensure you don't forget anything!

Q: What wave am I in?  What time will my wave start? Can you tell me more about race day details?
A: Final wave times and race details are here.  

Q: Can I still get party and/ or camping tickets?
A: Party and camping tickets can be purchased online until midnight on Saturday 4th July.  No party tickets will be available after this.  Camping
tickets will be available on the day in registration.

Q: Can I swap waves to race with x?
A: No, I’m afraid we can’t do this.


Q: I haven't received my refund yet
A: We are only able to issue a refund if you registered before 26th June and we are able to refill your place. If you haven't received a refund yet and your name still appears on the '
Tri Sign-ups' list it means we haven't been able to refill your place. 

Q: What is the water temperature?/ Will it be a no wetsuit swim?/ Are wetsuits compulsory?

A: The water temperature will be published by 11am in the Registration Marquee.  If it is less than 14 degrees wetsuits are compulsory.  If it is more than 24.6 degrees wetsuits will not be allowed. So far the water temperature has always been between 14-22 degrees so wetsuits are option (but recommended).

Q: Where are your competition terms and conditions?

A:  You can find them here

Upton Tri+ LLP, Ryalls Court, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester WR8 OPF                            Privacy Policy

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