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Swim (Triathlon only):

Downstream, open water swim in the River Severn.

A wetsuit is recommended for the swim - and is compulsory if the water temperature is 14°C or below (past temperatures have ranged from 14-22°C).

B.T.F Rules

First wave will be about 12:30pm.  Sprint: 750m; Standard: 1,500m.


The bike route follows wide open roads out in the countryside with a total 57m climbing in 1 lap.

The standard distance is 2 laps.

Here is a link to a Garmin map of the route. Sprint tri & duathlon: 21.5km; Standard: 40km.



A largely flat 5km circuit, approximately 2km on tarmac, 2km on a private gravel farm track, 1km on a grass footpath.

The standard distance is 2 laps.

Sprint & 2nd run for duathlon: 5km; Standard: 10km.  

The first run stage of the duathlon will be 2.5km of the same course.  

Here is the triathlon course map and the duathlon course map.  


Not sure about doing a whole triathlon? Or worried a certain discipline is not your strength?

Enter a team of upto 3 people into either the sprint or the standard distance triathlon.

One person completes the swim, the second cycles and then the third does the run.


One person completes two disciplines whilst one completes one discipline

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